M.B.A.  programme  provides participants with techniques and understanding for successful managerial  careers for the  public or private , profit or non profit sectors of the economy.The basic objectives of he M.B.A. programme are :

  1. To introduce basic tools and concepts for decision making .
  2. To train and develop some of the basic skills needed in handling day to day managerial situations.
  3. To build the confidence and competitiveness by projecting a positive image of them selves and their future as successful manager.
  4. Improvement of ethical reasoning by correlating moral concepts to business practices clarification of the values that determine managerial behavior.
  5. To develop entrepreneurial capabilities so as to assume role of effective change agent for social welfare.
  6. To develop the students to set standards of excellence in their managerial career.
  7. To prepare the students for global challenges.